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Snoop's New W(h)ine

With his experience in cheffing up bangers and his Potluck Dinner Party with Martha Stuart, Snoop's set to take his culinary experience further. Announcing that it would be called 'Snoop Cali Red' (wonder what the inspo could be?), it's to be a collaboration with the Australian wine company 19 Crimes.

For you wine tasters out there, it's supposed to be a red wine blend of 65% Petite Syrah, 30% Zinfandel and 5% Merlot. All at $12 a bottle

This debut is set to be released in the US starting this summer with Snoop saying 'I'm more than eager to bring this collaboration to the world!'

Be sure to check out his own cookbook 'From Crook to Cook' as well.


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