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Walking, Running, Leaping (Thoughts for the Creative and Logical)

Since young we're taught to dream. That the sky is not even the limit. The possibility of being an astronaut seemingly in grasp. To ride that rocketship and visit the vast unknown, even befriend a couple of green men who ask that you keep their existence a secret when you return to earth.

Now that you're out of the reverie, and you're back on the ground, is it still possibility? With input from all around, it can get difficult to to differentiate what it is that we want out of this one life that we live. From school we're indoctrinated that this is the path to take, or at the other end of the spectrum, you're not even worth time and effort because this all that you'll ever amount to.

It's allowing these things to define us that often strangle that passion for life. Connecting with the simplest of beauties even when it seems bleak. Enjoying the connection your feet make to the ground, or listening to the soft melodies that drift from the treetops. The fact that God's blessed us with our senses, to interact with the world around us is a reminder that this is a gift that we shouldn't take for granted.

It's easy to make an identity out of something that isn't even you. But remember. Your past mistakes don't define you. It's possible to change. Whatever it is, put your mind to it and perhaps you might even surprise yourself.


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