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Professional Crastinator (Thoughts for the Creative and Logical)

Ah the classical art of procrastinating. Was this article a product of this nuanced process? Possibly.

As human beings we're so susceptible to distractions that are going on around us. From work, from God, from all the things that matter. But are we willing to shift from the instant to the long-term goals ahead.

Rational decision-making

Sometimes it's easier to make the easy choice. That's why it's called the easy choice. When we're presented with two options, why wouldn't we choose the one that will bring instant gratification. Especially in a time of readily available dopamine, it becomes easy to allow ourselves to 'slip back just a little', if a little at all. We've all been there. However the time you spend there is actually filled with regret, guilt and general 'should be doing something but not really' sort of feelings; knowing that something else is hanging over your head. As much as you try and push it away, you're constantly looking over your shoulder. Which is why it's important to employ the rational decision maker. If you're not going to enjoy the time, then is there a point to it? You can't live your whole life only half-enjoying what's going on. While we can be led to shiny distractions, it's important to rationalise the decision that you'll make and choose the one that will be aligned to that better future you want.

Fear of failure

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out the steps to get to your goal. Even worse, to even take those first steps into doing something that you need to do. Many people are actually affected by the subconscious idea of rejection. By putting the task off, we actually 'escape' getting rejected by others and we don't need to face the failure that may or may not happen.

It's only the initial hurdle

The idea of envisioning the perfect moment or 'planning for the wedding' so to speak, the line seems to get longer and longer, with more things that begin to add up. But just like exercise, gym, or even reading, once we get into, all the other cares seem to fade away. It's that initial decision that seems to be the tipping point, and by pushing through the initial setbacks, it's possible to be welcomed by a plethora of enjoyment. I touched on the idea of quality coming from quantity in the last post. That through focused repetition, we can actually improve quicker than just formulating the route in our heads. More so, if we've all heard of a flow state, putting in more and more focus can only bring it about easier.

Scared of success

Do you think it's possible to be scared of success? It's argued that there is a tendency to avoid success, especially when we constantly assume the worst to happen.


The first thing is actionable steps. The more you break it down, the easier it becomes to visualise and process. The task only seems ding when we're faced with a mountain rather than a molehill. Then make the menial tasks fun. Give yourself a set amount of time to finish the task and reward yourself with your favourite chocolate bar. Turn the experience into simple enjoyment and training yourself to follow a route that will bring you to a future of success.


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