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C'est La Vie of Lili Caseley

Portuguese- French artist Lili Caseley creates a meaning soulful pop sound, talking about love and experiences both past and present. Based in Camden, she speaks of her 'influences from her favourite poets and contemporary pop acts'

With support from Clash, Notion, Music Week and Official Charts UK, it's clear that she has a bright future, lit up with creative artistry. Not only that, but she's been embraced by DJ Target, BBC 1xtra and BBC introducing in London to the Elec-Girl Festival in China bringing her sounds to all parts of the world.

Recently she dropped her new track 'C'est La Vie', she told us 'the song is written about an ending relationship that doesn't have an end'. She gives us a taste of her ambient pop, with sounds drawn from various parts of the world. Bouncy and tropical vibes express a tone of optimism with an off beat bounce and a melodic flute riff which really allow the listener to bump along and dive deeper into her experiences.

Sensitive lyrics means we're captivated by the hook 'like my mother used to say, c'est la vie, mon amis' which she says 'when I was little my mum would say c'est la vie if I couldn't get over something easily. It would help find a resolution to something. That's life.'


Be sure to follow her journey as she takes her sound to different places, and check out her music on Spotify

artist - [@lilicaseley_]


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