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It's always inspiring when you hear an emerging artist poking their head out on mainstream Spotify playlists but Brakence, a 18-year-old from Columbus, Ohio, has recently blown away my expectations. His music is a refreshing change of scenery with its raw, emotional vocals and spacey, electronic melodies. Each song transports you into a vivid world of its own which is testament to Brakence’s talent and the variety of music that he produces. Genres such as rock, electronic and pop come to mind when trying to categorize his sound however it is the heavy use of base juxtaposed against stripped down vocals and sound bites that is a signature feature of his work.

Key songs to go have a listen to are Sunder, Rosier and fwb which are my personal favorite and also give a good cross-section of his music. I'm looking very forward to seeing what this underrated prodigy puts out next.


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