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A New Age of Form

A digital revolution has made its mark on many sectors of society however the creative sector has been slow to truly embrace the opportunities that digitally enhanced design can provide.

Architecture has arguably only developed its form utilising the tools provided by mainstream 3d modelling software. Ie somewhat relying on these programs to “curvify” the previously blocky creations left behind by modernism into sleek space-age forms. What has only recently been explored is the utilisation of pure mathematical equations to generate an entire form, as opposed to lazily twisting planes into interesting shapes.

Michael Hansmeyer is a computational architect whose work is tackling this task head-on. One of his projects that has inspired me the most is the use of Mandelbulb fractals to create columns and other such pieces which are suggestive of a new age of organic form: the beauty of inherent mathematical principles visualised in 3D.

Check out more of his work on his website here


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