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Nathan's Health Service

Having run a movement called After Lives whose work was notably featured on The Apprentice in early 2012, Nathan Bowen uses his particular style of wild strokes and slashes to create a population of characters to inhabit the centre of London. Mirroring real life, only clothing and uniform differentiate the identical figures, calling to question how different are we really and can our roles in life really be dictated by appearances. Even the placing of his characters are well considered; whether it be 'builders at work', guards or even one with convincing similarities to the queen.

One particular piece that stood out was a dedication to the NHS. To see that their efforts and hard work during such a difficult time not going unnoticed was truly inspiring. In times like these it may be easy to forget gratitude, but Bowen is clear that these are people that need to be celebrated and remembered.

He uses the accessibility of street art to connect with his audience in a way that would not otherwise be possible. Encouraging a dialogue, he uses quotes like 'are you inspired', to which we, of course, say 'damn straight we are '.


Be sure to keep an eye out next time your walking around London and support your local artists.

[artist- @nathanbowenart]


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