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Ramen Soup for the Planet

One thing that you learn as you grow up is that those countless nights up studying (or binge-watching) can be exhausting. As you gaze around the kitchen, you know that there's one thing, and one thing only that can satisfy those midnight pangs. Ramen. Spicy, seafood, dry, curry, soup base; doesn't matter, you're going to find one that you like. As your hands outstretch for the savoury goodness you realise that perhaps this might be a part of over-consumption and it's toll on the planet. Very much a picture of modern convenience; instant noodles can be cooked and eaten in under 10 minutes, yet the packaging can take 8 decades to decompose.

From the moment you grab your bright saturated packet off the shelf to the moment the noodles tumble out and hit the steaming water, the blend of spices and savoury flavours are enclosed in the packaging which can only be called the plastic problem. But how to get at the tasty goodness without single-handedly contributing to the climate crisis?

Holly Grounds, has designed a solution that is not only sustainable but also extra convenient. Entirely edible, her spiced packaging covers the noodles and becomes the broth in hot water. The heat sealable bioplastic film ensures the noodles stay fresh and becomes innovative action against the single-use plastic, eliminating the need for it.

Wax-coated paper wrap for the outside, results in eco-friendly and totally delicious packaging design.

You can read about her full process on her website :


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