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Akira is timeless, one of the most iconic anime films of all time, created in 1988 and widely credited for introducing the West to the world of Japanese animation. Set in a post-WWIII dystopian neo-Tokyo, the film follows a biker gang of restless youths caught up amongst a corrupt society, civil unrest and a coup led by a military leader. Behind all of this, the government have been experimenting on children with psychic powers, hoping to capitalise and pave the way for Tokyo's future. Tetsuo, a gang member on the rise, aims to climb the ranks and ultimately gain the approval of Kaneda, the leader. However, his determination and big heart costs him dearly, as a highway battle against a rival gang leads to an encounter with one of these children. The two plots intertwine, as each character deals with the chaos and adversity in front of them. The journey that follows reveals the primitive nature of humanity when exposed to god-like power, addressing the destructive effect of being given too much to handle. Along with era-defining hand drawn animation and exotic sound design, Akira is a cult-classic must watch!


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