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5 movies based on real life

With countless movies at out finger tips, it seems that there's so many different stories being told. That's why these selected movies being recommended follow incredible individuals and allow us to see them through a different lens. Even if we didn't live during their time these are always interesting perspectives about their life

  1. Amadeus (1984)

This would be the definition of a golden oldie, especially as it was adapted from a 1979 play by Peter Shaffer. It follows the escapades of a young Mozart told by his peer and secret rival Antonio Salieri in an insane asylum. Seeing the idiosyncratic and wayward ways of a young genius, confined in the courts of the upper class, we cannot help but be enthralled by his peculiar and almost child-like attitude to life. However not a completely rosey depiction of his life, beset by competition and his troubled life resulting from chasing his passionate longing for the perfect ideal.

2. 12 Year as a Slave

With the chaotic climate that has enveloped the world, this film is definitely one that needs to be watch. Based on the memoirs published in 1953, it follows the story of Solomon Northup, who started as a free black man in upstate New York but was drugged and then sold into slavery in the South. This truly allows its audience to step into the reality of pre-abolitionist America and the heinous depravity of the slave trade. It truly encapsulates a troubling period and creates an undeniable feeling of gratefulness for the freedoms that we might take for granted today.

3. Pollock

Following the troubled life of the abstract expressionist artist, as an art site this one had to be featured. Looking at his paintings, we get a sense of the incredible emotions that seem to make up arguable one of the biggest artists in the USA. And the movie gives us an incredible insight on the driving force behind it.

4. The Founder

Macdonald's is definitely a guilty pleasure. But this puts a lens or the roots of the household name and the way it became the fast food giant we see today. Starting from its humble beginnings as 2 brothers crafting their perfect darling, we watch as it takes one man to completely change its trajectory to become one of the most stand-out franchise the world has ever seen.

5. Whiplash

Albeit, it's not completely based on a true story, it is inspired by the experiences of its director Damien Chazelle as a drummer. Following a young man's unwavering dedication to his drums, and the complicated relationship of master and student; it is truly an emblematic vision which seems to sweep the audience into a fast paced feat of cinematic brilliance.


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