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Today's Feels: Take Root

With the gentle flow of the breeze, intricate details of an vast upper ocean slowly caresses the shining formless orb. The emerald tendrils reaching for the limitless expanse as it fluidly extends towards the comfort of the light. Unwinding, shifting. A metamorphosis as it cracks open the brittle casing and begins its journey out into the unknown. Pieces fall away, yet as it unravels, so it is embedded into the rich dark layers which provides the setting for transformation to take place.

With a current lull in our collective pace, it seems the opportunity has occurred to allow a period of deep healing and reflection. Not just for the individual but on the macro scale as our planet takes a momentary breath. Our lack of appreciation and the world policy of 'take,take,take' has placed us on a reckless path with no apparent care for the destination. Increasingly out of touch with the vital dust of our essence and the resources which has nurtured us for thousands of years; it seems that we reach the crossroads. Misplaced hopes and instant gratification gloss over and as we shift into the grand system we begin to envision the perspective of what truly matters. In the heavily expanding concrete mazes it becomes all too easy to get lost in a certain sense of detachment, drifting into the dark fog. But as we take to new heights drawn by radiance, let us not forget the stability of focused

grounding within the reality of our space.


Scott Tan


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