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Today's Feels: Morning Mist

A breath of fresh air. The rejuvenation that seeps in. The prospect of a new day and possibilities of happenings that could occur in the momentary phase of 18 hours.

Have you ever looked up at the sky and asked for the same scene forming elsewhere. Perhaps in a different climate, in a different space. How easily the morning could change with a complete shift in the temperature an instead of the blazing sun to be greeted by a cool breeze.

Sometimes it seem that being caught up in our own busy life has no end. Always needing to hold onto productivity, reaching for that next milestone or finishing that piece that you never got round to. To the point where we forget to stop to smell the flowers and appreciate the everyday vistas that pass us by. The natural unfolding of the layers called life always has a nuance ebb and flow. Like the unfurling linen petals which cannot be rushed despite the impatient longing for the next stage. The gentle spray that could wake us up from our cosy slumber.

Too focused on where we want to be without enjoying the process can become detrimental. But always look up and appreciate where you are. In the present.


Scott Tan


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