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Beige Beginnings of Renzo

Born in Camden, the London artist studied at BIM in Brighton and having been classically trained, has a passion for weird and pretty sounds. His artistry shines through his Beige EP produced by One Eye Soundz which creates an incredibly rich and new wave partnership, a mix of ambient, indie sounds reminiscent to the likes of Tame Impala and Frank Ocean.

So how’s the quarantine situation, how’s everything going with you? It’s basically my normal routine haha I'm alright mate I'm alright. Might go out biking and stuff but mostly making music which is fun. Stay at home make tunes, working on an album.

That’s the most important thing isn't it? I stay creative otherwise what's the point you know.

For the audience, how long you been doing music for? Properly maybe like three years, but I was brought up with it. I was a little choir boy when I was like 10 years old. Shut that off quick. Yeah yeah, i was lucky enough to meet my producer mate, who’s big into Tyler the creator like I am, Frank Ocean, people like that. Got a real similar vibe going. And yeah. How did you guys meet? It was through my house mate at uni but he’s a real cool guy. So how long you guys been working together then? Ooo maybe like a year and a half, so not that long. But it’s cool we got a nice dynamic, I literally write shit and he makes it sound good.

. Haha I mean it’s easy to say that but it’s not always to make good vocals. Fairs so you always been into music and that, where do you take your influences from? Big up Tyler, Lauss the Cat, have you heard him? I think I might have heard one or two tunes, not sure I’ll have to check him out. Yeah I definitely recommend his album. The Girl, The Cat and the Tree. Really good really good. Take a lot of inspiration from him definitely. Frank Ocean, a bit of Mac Demarco. Have you heard of Boards of Canada. No I haven't Really weird Scottish electronic duo. Been going since the 90s. Mate they got sick sick atmospheric ambient and dirty shit. It’s really good. Hahaha that sounds interesting They’re probably my favourite band,so my weirdness comes from them I think. But it’s usually those ones that have the most creative input in their music as well. So where would you place your music, like this is the direction we’re going. There’s definitely the Gorillaz model, because I like rap music a lot, but I can’t really rap. But I’m not comfortable with my rap voice yet unless I put a lot of effects on it. So maybe I’ll do more of that. But I like rap music so I want to work with a lot of rappers and stuff like that. Maybe do some singing stuff like that. But I’m definitely artistically driven, I don’t just want to create whatever, I definitely want a story behind it and for it to mean something. Yeah because we listened to your Beige EP you released back in October, what’s the story behind that one. Basically what I wanted to get across is you know when you’re younger, you’re told you can do all this, you’re special and then you kind of grow up a bit, so you get to 18ish and you’re like fuck I’m not. So Wasted Potential is strongly about that. Coming of Age is like the depressy kind of oh shit what do I do now. So it’s all this kind of vibe of growing up and being like what happened. Yeah the sound you’ve put it under as well, it floats a little bit, it’s got that nostalgia as well, it’s looking back fondly isn’t it. Yeah safe man What’s the plan then after this EP, is there anything you got in the works at the moment. So I’ve been planning this video for this song Smile on the Inside for a while now. But couldn’t film it because of quarantine, which is peak, I’m so upset. So that’s got to wait a bit. But I still want to do it because it would be fun. Had a good story line going for it, Napoleon Dynamite vibe. Yeah, yeah something kind of lighthearted fun. I’ll get that done, I’m working on an album, some singles, trying to link up with a producer soon. At his house , because he lives in the country so if I can borrow the car go see him for a couple days. Who would you wanna most work with it? Tyler the Creator, straight up. Do you like his stuff? I do, I think he’s mad creative, his newest album wasn’t my favourite but do you know what it’s decent. I saw this video on Instagram where he was wearing a Russian hat making the beats, I don’t know if you saw it. It was so sick like this guy’s a proper artist, he know’s what he’s doing. And his music videos always bang. Yeah I wanna go in that direction, I really like designing clothes, getting the right aesthetic.

Is it something you’ve dabbled in then. Yeah but it hasn’t gone anywhere yet. But once the music’s got on track for sure I wanna put stuff out. Be stupid, do what I want. I mean that’s what youth’s for isn’t it. Yeah I wanna make all the mistakes now. But yeah the end goal, I don’t even wanna be mad successful, just be appreciated for what I do. Like it’s your art, you want people to get it. Not even like a million dollars, I just wanna get by and do something.


Make sure to have a listen to his EP here and support his journey on his social media below

artist [@renzo_scd]


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