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One Eye is a 22 year old producer and songwriter called Felix from Brighton in the UK. He has been writing music for the past 10 years.

The concept of One Eye was conceived in 2016, when Felix started writing his EP which would become his first release, "Warm Hands Delivered The Night", which was released on August the 28th. He is also part of the Hip-Hop/Bedroom Pop duo, Renzo. One Eye’s sound is dark and passionate, and relies heavily on contrasting dynamics which is framed by ambience. Currently One Eye is focusing on working as a freelance producer, as well as developing the next Renzo project and his One Eye live show.

One Eye is a personal metaphor for Felix. We can see darkness in this world and we can see light, we cannot change that. The choice resides in how we react. How we can choose to channel those emotions, positive or negative, into passion and beauty through the faucet of music.

After making his trap-esque beat, One-Eye has a sit down and answers a couple of questions. From the hairy snake to his love for indie and Bon Iver, make sure to have a laugh with us.

Check out his new EP here

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