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Predicting a Predicament

Coincidences or not, we have seen a history of TV shows and movies which allegedly seem to point towards world events. The Simpsons is the internet's favourite example of this, where situations used for satire suddenly hold uncanny similarities to real life occurrences.

So when I stumbled on the Korean series, My Secret Terrius which directly references the corona virus and very specific symptoms in an episode released in 2018, it was natural to draw parallels to the global situation which we now face.

In this particular scene in Episode 10, a doctor speaks of the the corona virus and linking it with 'MERS, SARS and the common flu' as 'they all fall into the same family with the same gene information'. She's then asked by the other; 'it isn't serious enough to be used as a weapon' to which she replies, 'this is a mutant virus, someone tweaked it to increase the mortality rate to 90%'. Eerie right.

The plot thickens when although initially thought to have no cure as it's 'very rare', they stumble across a pharmaceutical company which has developed a vaccine and are now looking to patent it. The solution to the 'biochemical terror attack'.

Whether a prediction of our times or just a coincidence, it's definitely an interesting take on the events that have been unravelling recently. The series itself centres around a woman, who after the death of her husband, teams up with a secret service agent to solve the heavy veils which surround it. Check out the clip below, it's available on Netflix now so if you're looking for something new, why not give it a go.


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