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Lake Macdonald ain't a farm

Nestled in the heart of Glacier National Park, this beautiful lake is a grand part of of the US state, Montana. Well over 15km at its longest, it is surrounded by towering glacier and naturally sculpted valley,its accompanied by falling waterfalls and accessed by the numerous hike trail. The environment is bursting with wildlife such as bears, moose and deer, this has become the spot for fresh air and new animal companions. It also holds a wide variety of fish, from native trout to white fish. However there is a reason why this location is not considered a prime location for fishing.

The lake is nutrient poor, meaning that there are is a lack of certain minerals such as iron but in turn, creates a spectacular sight. With it's clear water, it is not uncommon to be able to see the bottom of the lack even at a height of 30 ft, and this reveals the vibrant surprise and an incredible feat of nature. The variety of coloured rocks creates a resemblance to tropical scales which line the world's largest hide. These rainbow pebbles can be found in abundance by the shores on the western side of the park.

Determined by the presence or absence of iron, 'the bright red rocks along the Grinnel Glacier trail were deposited in a shallow ocean environment where the iron was oxidized by the tidal exposure to the air. Rocks with the coloration often have old ripple marks or ancient mud crack lines'. In comparison, the 'rich green coloured rocks were formed in deeper water than the red rocks. Although these rocks contain the same quantities of iron-bearing minerals, they did not have the same exposure to oxygen an the amount of oxidization was limited'

These rocks are actually all around the national park and were formed at different eras and are the result of breaking into tiny fragments due to the glaciers and the rivers washing them away. Depositing in the bottom of these lake bowls, the water erosion created these smooth orbs.

The beauty of naturally formed products are a result of a process over the course of many years. The shimmering ripples of hyper-real hues serve as a reminder of the natural shifts can often create the most brilliant visions.


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