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January Thoughts for a Creative

We've finally got halfway through the month of a brand new year. Perhaps part of us was expecting something new, that a fresh year would leave behind the remnants of what can only be called global ordeal. However it seems that it's set to change our entire way of living. Now almost approaching the date of the first lockdown (remember when we all thought it would only last a couple weeks?), it seems that our society might be changed for more than just a while. We may be doing more virtual interactions and creating our own routines, but we know that this can only mean there are can only be more opportunities available. So what kind of thoughts have I got since the year has started?


Sometimes it seems easy to put our self-worth on work. Maybe it's painting that masterpiece or creating new ideas for the brand. Especially in our social media day and age, turn on your phone and suddenly you're bombarded by tens and thousands of different pieces. Did Leonardo Da Vinci create the Mona Lisa in a matter of days? Take a little break, give yourself some breathing space and refocus on what you need to do. Mastery is being on your own path, only competing with yourself to be a better version of yourself each day. As they say 'comparison is the thief of joy'.

Over-thinking leads to inaction

The light bulb switches on. You grab a pen and paper. Jotting down the words furiously as your write down your newest idea. It seems that nothing can stop the flurry of words pressing on the page. And the second guessing begins. Somehow it might not be good enough. What will other people think? Maybe I could think about doing it this way. Or maybe doing it that way. We get so used to creatively thinking that we forget that we often need to put it into action. You need action to get to the goal. It doesn't matter how often you fail, if you've started you're already further than the person who didn't.

It's often better than you think

Our harshest critics? Most often it's ourselves. That inner critic voicing that the what if's and the worst case scenarios. Look at it like this. Would we talk to other people the way that we talk to ourselves. Not in an overconfident way where you're the absolute best in the world and no-one could do something better. More so; having confidence in what you do and not needing the validation of likes in a virtual world. Realising that even our situations can be improved just by changing our perception of it slightly.

Let it flow

You can't force mood, creativity or even discipline. Sometimes we like to hold onto control so much. If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that there's so much can happen in a blink of an eye. There are things that are just out of our hands (as a Christian I believe it's in God's). So instead of trying to force things, sometimes just take a step back, put the right things in place and see what happens.

Collaboration and real life opinions

In these times, it's becoming even easier to escape and do your own thing. Some of us might be homebodies, others might be creatives but one things for sure you couldn't be bored in your own company. Whilst it may not be possible to meet in person, the internet opens up all sorts of exciting possibilities. It's all about approaching the idea of collaboration in a completely different way. It also means that you might even connect with people you otherwise wouldn't. So search out the opportunities and connect.

With the world rapidly changing, there couldn't be a better time than now to find your passion and pursue it. Mastering something is never overnight, but dedicated focus and practice means that it can only go up.


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