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Isolated Interpretation is a page dedicated to bringing you visual elements with various pop culture references. Today we had a chat with its admin, an artist named Anna

What's your name and how are you?

My name is Anna , and I’m fine , thanks

Whereabouts in the world are you located?

I was born and I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

How did you start the page?

Just one guy looked for the admin for the new page so I wrote to him and he had a look at my tastes and chose me.

You have a good eye, what inspires you when you're choosing your photos?

Thanks a lot, what inspires me is a lot of different avenues of art, mostly it’s the cinema, but also various  techniques of painting, music, architecture- I actually have an architecture bachelor degree.

If you could choose a time period to live in which one would it be?

It would be  1980s, 1990s

You have your own work (which can be found at , what has been responsible for fuelling your art?

I would say desire to develop to make and create art on paper with paints or other graphic materials

What materials and forms do you like to use in your artwork?

I like to use and create a picture with any graphic materials, because I’m really good at graphic technique.

You have a lot of movie references on your page, which one is the one you would most like to visit?

I would like to visit most of them , but today I will say “ Laurence Anyways”, 2012 ( director Xavier Dolan)

There have been so many talented masters in the past, who is the artist you would most like to meet, dead or alive?

I would meet Ilya Chashnik and we would talk about the essence of human existence and about Existentialism.


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