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Hollywood Symphony

'Is this the real life, is this just fantasy'

Originally an agriculture community and emerging as a film industry in 1910, culture with the Western society could be plotted against its growth. Largely responsible for the changes within the climate, the general trends gather speed within the 1920s and soar throughout the 21st century. But how much longer will this really continue and is the gradual decline soon in sight.

The 17-minute short film Old California was the first motion picture to be shot there and by 1930s, Hollywood studios became fully integrated, as production, distribution and exhibition producing 600 films per year. Controlled by Warner Bros., Paramount, RKO and Columbia it soon became known as Tinseltown and the "dream factory" instilling the glittering image of the movie industry. Rising stars and sex icons within the 1920s further pushed an impression of elaborate and lavish lifestyles channelling a culture centred around its 'impossibility'. This warped American Dream of youth growing every decade. More so than that, the influence of their narratives are always greatly underplayed, shaping the views of generations into a funnel.

It seems that as we come closer to the finish line, cracks within the Hollywood fairytale shine through. Facing devastating competition from prodution and streaming services, it raises the question; how much longer. With everyday access to equipment, the internet and more importantly ideas, the magic that was once cast now globally challenged by a new phenomenon. Awareness. Illusions shattering and golden letters fading. The liberation of the once best kept secrets leave a hollow shell of a once shining symbol. Even icons can't last forever.


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