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Georg' Estelle Told Me Something

Fresh voice on the London scene. the English-Italian singer Georg' has a passion for performance, from music, dance to drama. Developing her sound, she's developed a fusion of different influences including neo-soul, RnB and jazz. With her new release 'Tell Me Something', 2020 is set to be a new year of Estelle's music.

With Georg' Estelle today yeah yeah, how’s the situation been treating you, how you holding up? To be honest when I first started self isolating, I thought this could have been a lot more, how do you put it? I thought I was gonna be really lazy but I actually found I did loads of stuff, even music-wise, I’ve been really creative. So it kind of took me to do some stuff I’d never really thought of doing. Been doing some graphic design, recording videos, random stuff you know. So in terms of music I’ve been writing and collaborating with a lot of people. Yeah, because you just dropped a track, earlier this month, during quarantine wasn’t it? Yeah wasn't too long ago, actually a week ago. I’ve been sitting on it for a while and I just thought, it’s the right time to put out music. People are looking for new stuff all the time and I really wanted to drop it. 100% You were actually at the studio during it. Haha yeah you were working with a producer wasn’t it? Yep yep his name is D Larm. He’s a friend of mine and we’ve been jamming on a few stuff together. That was actually the first one I ever wrote with him.

Nice. So the track’s called Tell Me Something. What’s the inspo behind it. What are you trying to get people to tell you haha Haha I thought everyone always talking about past stuff like past relationships. Stuff that happened which is obvious because you have to write about something you go through. But I decided to talk about the future. If I meet someone I want this person, if we’re hanging out and stuff, I want this person to tell me exactly how they feel. So I’m not wasting my time. They’re not wasting their time. I just want it to be clear because when I give myself, I give myself fully because it means that I’m interested in you but I don't want to waste my time. That was the idea.

Was it about a particular someone or just a general kind of concept? I was inspired by a person who I met and I was interested in knowing better, but it was kind of like a friendly thing where I had met the person and wanted to know more but it didn’t end up happening. Yeah but all of it is inspiration isn’t it?

Yeah I just wanted to tell the story of where I was at, like I wanted to meet someone or in general, that I think that I’m interested in them and they’re interested in me. Clear and honest. Just tell me. That’s fair I’m confident. Let’s say it’s about that woman empowerment as well Yeah it’s 2020, that’s what it’s all about. So what kind of musical inspirations did you take. Who inspires your sound. I’ve been exploring a lot because I’ve been working with people a lot. Like producers and I’ve just been inspired by different genres. But what inspires is some sort of jazz like 2000s RnB. So obviously I listened to a lot of Destiny’s Child all of that kind of era. A lot of neo-soul, soul but I like to create fusions so I like to put electronic elements there if I can. The new stuff I’ve been making is a little different. So what are they looking out for then. What’s in the future.

I’ve really been pushing myself to do various stuff. So I’ve got this track which is completely acoustic so it’s like guitar and voice, it’s very chill. Then I’ve done one which is a bit upbeat so it’s dance poppy track, with Kill Miami who’s a producer from Manchester.

How did you guys collaborate.

He actually DM’d me on insta, he said do you want to work. And then I saw who he was. He works with some of the artists I follow already and I was like seriously?? So he sent me some stuff and he said look it’s yours create something with them, I’ll leave them to you. And I was like ooo okay. Like six beats and I really found this one interesting which was quite dancy. Sent it to him, he liked it but we can’t record it right now. Yeah it’s a bit of a situation isn’t it I can’t wait to get back into the studio and record stuff because I’ve been writing so much Have you found that a lot of things are coming to mind. Like what’s a day in the life of quarantine with Georg' Estelle. Well normally I wake up, have breakfast, take a shower Taking us through the whole thing haha No no but I’m trying to. For example when I write I’ve started rapping, like spoken word so I’ve been exploring in my writing a lot. And I’ve been trying a little production. Training my vocals when I can because I’m at home. So I can belt it out in the hallway. Haha not getting any complaints yeah? Haha not yet but they’ve heard me for sure. That’s good innit, expanding the audience. Yeah let them know. Haha let them know. Sounds exciting, it’s the time to get stuff down and start writing. I’ll share some stuff that I’ve done, I would like to get your opinion Yeah cool cool cool, I’m always down to listen to wavy music, you know how it is, you know how it is. In terms of 2020, when the whole situation is over, what’s the first thing you’re ready to do? I don’t think any performing, gigging concerts are going to be allowed for a while. If they are I’m definitely going to. It was one of the things I was most looking forward to. But whatever. I’m planning to collaborate with quite a few people. First thing is record and release a lot of music if I can, because I’ve been waiting for a long time. Tell Me Something was released like a year after my first so this really feels like a debut single. It’s a new me. You’ve definitely got something with the track, I’m looking forward to how your sound changes because I remember listening to your first track and compared to the one now, there’s definitely a shift there. Georg' Estelle 2020/21 Thanks, yeah you can definitely learn from every experience, taking care of your health mentally physically that’s the important thing. That’s what we like to hear. That’s what we like to hear.


artist - [@georgestellemusic]

Be sure to keep up to date on her social media and 'Tell Me Something' can be found on her Spotify


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