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Today's Feels: Filibuster

How often do we forget the war for our hearts and our minds. Endless scrolling followed by 'just one more' click tantalisingly whispers as we traverse the virtual and slowly get tangled in the world wide web.

And it's not just the mind-numbing addiction that translates into hours of views but with the pointer on the scale, is it easy to pinpoint the negative or positive vibrations that take over, or like a tight rope walker are we just toeing the fine line between them.

We might be liking this picture, watching that video and suddenly without us knowing, we get locked up in a chamber of desires, envy and comparisons. The noticeable changes in the curve means that a momentum of virtual currency in the forms of likes, comments and dopamine hits has created significant shifts within the physical world.

Clout, consumerism and discord are growing pillars within society, and define the new norm. So it questions the way to make content to unite and create a synthesis of good energy.

With every single keystroke and all our information recorded; a complete profile of our likes and dislikes, and forming its own assumptions based on what we consume forces us to reconsider our human roots; and whether we use the tool or it has begun to use us.


Scott Tan


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