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Discover Nü

Giving rise to new artists, with their Nü Playlist. We decided to go through the list and pick a couple favourites.

Levelle London- Photogenic

With a catchy electric riff, and bouncy 808s it brings the new wave sound with catchy melodic vocals.

Zaia- Innerstate

A retro trap infusion, giving a subtle sense of journey as Zaia emphasies 'I don't look back'

Ben Maclean, HEN$HAW - ROSE

Hard hitting 808s and bass, Maclean and HEN$HAW bring something new to the drill sound, with quick flows and interesting bars and story lines

Queen Millz- Money

The new sound, female rap with a melodic hook. The flow floats with the string synths which bring new dimensions to her artistry

Daisy Punch- Daytime

The floating vocals complement the constantly moving bass and the upbeat tempo which create a blend of indie, rock and folk.

Cimon- MAE

Rolling RnB has a dark tinge but melodically enticing.

Shaker- Out of Love

Vocal complement the subtle bounce which truly depict the sound of beach rock and roll.

Be sure to check out the playlist here


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